When it Rains…

There’s something about the rain that relaxes me.  The sound of it makes me feel lazy and comfy.  It’s a reminder that Spring is on the horizon, and man…am I ready for more sunshine, flowers, warmer weather, and the sound of birds chirping.  I’m looking forward to my boys getting to ride their bikes and roam around the neighborhood more often for exercise and fresh air.  Although the winter hasn’t been brutal; mentally I’ve felt depleted occupying my children’s time some days.  If I hear the words, I’m bored…I’m pretty sure I’m going to scream.  I mean God forbid they should do something quiet and without having to spend a dime for once.  Lately, I’ve been singing a George Michael song in my head.. “To give you money.”  You know the one I speak of.  Except in my case it’s my children that my money is going towards.  I know what you’re thinking.  They’re old enough to occupy themselves, and maybe even spoiled.  I admit I may have spoiled them just a little, but yeah.. now we’re in the phase of a teen wanting to hang at the mall with his friends, while my youngest enjoys having friends come over for Roblox and other Xbox games.  I guess I’m still trying to adjust to the fact that my boys are growing up and wanting to be around their friends more often.  Of course I’m happy to see them form amazing friendships, but it’s hard at the same time.  I sometimes miss the days of them wanting to watch a movie with me, or go for drives with me.  It’s true what people say.  Children grow up so fast.  There are days when I miss the toys on the shelves.  I handed over the last of their Lego’s to a friend of mine yesterday for her sister’s foster kid.  I’m thrilled we could help out.  It didn’t hit me until later that evening there were very few toys left in the entire house.  A scene from ‘Toy Story 3’ entered my mind for a minute.  The scene when all of Andy’s toys are replaced with teen stuff.  Even the blankets in my boys rooms are more grown up now.  I still can’t get over my Oldest going into High school next year while my youngest goes onto Middle school.  Today as my youngest one enjoyed playing games with his friends over and my oldest hung out at the mall with friends, I was able to have some quiet time to myself to write a post.  I suppose my boys growing up isn’t all sad.  I’ve definitely enjoyed this rainy day as it’s washed the salt off of my car, I’ve had a wonderful afternoon with my husband and our ten year old son, and I’ve gotten some writing done.  Take time to enjoy the sounds of the rain.  Sit by the window with a warm cup of tea, take a nice bath, sit on the couch and read a book, or take a short drive to see the trees and other scenery in the rain.  Some spots I’ve driven by in my home town of Nashua, New Hampshire are quite nice in wet weather.  How did you spend your rainy day?


Our kids footprints in the snow surrounded by puddles of rain today.
Sounds of the evening rain in Nashua, NH
Even Huskies enjoy rainy days.

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