Valentines Day

As you all know…tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Yep.  The day everyone scrambles into stores to get that one special gift for their loved ones.  I was fortunate to get Valentine cards in the mail in time for my mother in law thanks to my husband.  I was also able to send a maple syrup basket to my grandfather in North Carolina.  My youngest got his cards filled out in time for tomorrows school festivities, which was nice; seeing it’s his last year of doing them.  I was surprised he still wanted to do them seeing he’s a big fifth grader now, but it’s sweet.  Everywhere I went this afternoon, people were standing in line with flowers and chocolates.  I chuckled at the sight for just a bit, because it’s one day of the year to show love, and many were buying the same type of gifts.  I love flowers and chocolates, but come on guys…stop being original and actually put some thought into buying a present for the special woman in your life.  I want to also say even though tomorrow is a day of showing love to the special people in our lives…it’s something that should be done everyday, and not on one day marked on the calendar.  It makes me think of the song by John Mayer.  “Say what you gotta say.”  It warmed my heart to receive a dark chocolate candy bar from a client I had today.  I didn’t expect it at all.  It was something he thought to do completely on his own and out of the goodness in his heart.  I truly do love my clients.  He’ll be happy to hear tomorrow that my family enjoyed a piece of that delicious chocolate bar.  Tomorrow as we go about our days…don’t forget to say something nice to someone.  Call a loved one on the phone.  Send an email out even.  Love one another and don’t forget to use kind words to each other.  There’s enough anger and hate in the world, so why not spend a moment tomorrow to show a little warmth.  Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Reminder for me to paint some rocks to bring back to this beautiful spot soon. Kindness Project is definitely needed in this world.

Until next time…

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