Traveling Tip Tuesdays

Buyer beware!

Make sure to book a hotel room when in season, rather than not…especially if you are going away with kids.  My friend and I learned the hard way this week in thinking it would be a fabulous idea to bring our four kids to Wildwood, New Jersey.  I must clarify here that we had two teenagers, one eight year old, and a ten year old.  Of course mine being the high maintenance child. 🙂

We arrived to the hotel ready for the fun to begin…only to find that the pool was an outdoor seasonal pool, it was cold and rainy, oh…and most places were closed until summer.  Say what?  I thought standing there as we checked in feeling my teens glaring stare behind me.  “This is going to be the worst two days of my life.”  I thought to myself for a brief moment while signing my name on the receipt for our two night stay.

My friend was less than thrilled explaining to the guy at the front desk that a guy she had spoken with when she booked the hotel had pretty much lied to her saying how warm it usually is down their at this time of year, and the pool would be open as well.  Of course my friend and I thought how awesome that was, and booked the trip.  I was a bit disappointed to learn there wasn’t even a free breakfast included in the hotel price.  I should have looked into that one further, but what can you do right?  Thankfully the hotel itself was decent with friendly staff, clean rooms and spacious, and a pretty cool fireplace room for all of us to hang out in.  My friend and I were happy to hang out by the fireplace while our kids enjoyed some time in the hot tub.

The learning lesson here is to book a hotel in the summer if it’s a beach type resort or hotel rather than out of season.  I would also recommend to make sure you bring cash with you, as most beach related places have cash only, which can pose a problem if you live by credit or debit cards only, and can’t remember your pin number like this impulsive lady here.  I’m laughing to myself as I write this.  Have a great day everyone!

Until next time…