Top 5 Places to visit in York, Maine

Today I want to share with anyone thinking of traveling to York, Maine…my Top 5 favorite places you should visit if you do decide to go.

  1. Yorks Animal Kingdom- Reasonable prices, cool animals to see, neat butterfly experience if you’re into that sort of thing, and fun rides.
  2. Short Sands Beach and Arcade- Beautiful beach scenery, great choices of food within walking distance, and the arcade is an excitement for kids.
  3. Nubble Lighthouse- Hands down beautiful views and great rock climbing.  Most visited place in York, Maine.
  4. Long Sands Beach- Much longer beach and even more stunning than Short Sands with restaurants close by as well.
  5. Yorks Pizza House- My family and I come here every summer just because their pizza is that good.: )

If you’re ever in the area…make sure to email me or leave a comment of your experience there and what you decided to try out.