Pop Artist Bernard Solco

If you don’t know the name Bernard Solco… you’ll want to know him.  He’s an artist in his own right, and has completed an amazing series called “Patriot Warrior;” featuring five time Superbowl Champion Tom Brady, coming off the field after the game.  The paintings are measured at 30×40 inches and are gallery wrapped over heavy duty supports.  The limited edition prints are also 30×40 inches.  They were printed and hand embellished by Bernard Solco in his studio.  On March of 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts the paintings were signed by Tom Brady under the supervision of Tristar Productions at his first private signing after winning his fifth Superbowl title.

Each painting and limited edition print comes with an official certificate of authenticity, along with matching holograms from Tristar Productions.  Each work of art has been signed by Bernard Solco, which includes a certificate of authenticity from his studio in New York City.  All paintings and prints come with actual photos of Tom Brady at the signing in March 2017, along with the artist Bernard Solco creating each work of art in the series.

Perfect timing as the Patriots head to Superbowl once again.



Please contact the studio for more information or to acquire a limited edition print or a painting.  BernardSolco.com

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