New Year, New Me

Wow!  I can’t believe we are coming to the end of another year you guys.  2017 has been a year of crazy ups and downs for sure, but overall it’s been a reality of things in my life that personally…need to change.  There have been many  positives for me this year which has created wonderful change in me.  The first one is my incredible job as a Care giver.  I enjoy helping my clients and making their days a bit brighter.  They have all made an imprint on my life for the better.  It’s been a job that forces me to think of others outside of myself, as I know at times I can be selfish.  I don’t mean to be, but my selfish tendencies can creep in every once in awhile.  It feels good to wake in the mornings to go to a job I really love.  To me it’s the best of both worlds.  Having a job with flexibility for me to be home for my kiddos, and doing what I do best…being compassionate and taking care of other people.  Working part time has given me a sense of myself again.  It’s something that’s just for me.  I have something outside of being a mom, wife, and homemaker.  Don’t get me wrong…I love them all, but it’s been a blessing to have something that’s just for me.  It’s nice to have a paycheck again.  Let me tell you ladies out there. It’s good to have money to put aside for yourself.  You never know what may come up.  Those little vacations in the summer time, when your teenager needs money to meet up with his friends.  Yes! Even boys love the mall.  My focus this year and especially in these past three or four months has been to save more.  Having money put aside and being able to help pay for things for my family has made me feel happy and confident that I’m capable of doing things on my own.  The second positive that’s happened to me is my writing.  I took the plunge earlier in the year to start a website for myself for my travel blog, which has been a huge deal for me, because I’ve had the opportunity in sharing all of my trips with my readers.  It’s been exciting to hear such a great response, and has helped me to get recognized as a freelance writer, as I’ve been asked on a few occasions to write a guest post for other writer’s, which has given me wonderful exposure, along with other clips to add to my portfolio.  I’ve also started revisions on my novel which has been my biggest fear to overcome, but I’m finally tackling it, and planning on moving it forward into the new year for sure.  Another positive in my life is the growth I’ve seen in myself.  I finally graduated out of the Dove Center after going through hell dealing with the demons in my life.  Not too many know this of me, but this is me putting a part of my life out there to show I’m far from perfect, and not always what I seem, but everyday I’m learning to be real with not only other’s but with myself.  It’s been six years of crying, denying, throwing things in therapy, doubting my recovery, crying,  relapsing, hiding behind things, behind people.  Until I’ve finally…finally have come to a place of doors being closed that haunted me for so long.  Standing up for myself and letting go of those that were not good for me.  Although it was hard, it was what I needed to do in order to take care of me.  I’m happy to say I’m able to deal with the hard moments in life the healthy way rather than the destructive, and that’s a great feeling.  Another good thing in 2017 have been the friendships that have grown stronger.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them in my life.  Especially my best friend who I love like a sister.  I’m thankful for all of my friends who have encouraged me with a word, or being there when I needed help in buying a car battery, laughing over crazy people, or just being a listening ear.  I love you all.  As we say good bye to 2017 and say hello to 2018, may we think about goals we want to shoot for in the new year.  Letting go of bad habits is definitely one that will be at the top of the list.  Second will be getting my revisions done on my novel and moving forward to publishing.  Third…getting more of my life in order.  Happy New Year to all of my readers, travelers, and writer’s out there!!!

Until next time…

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