Flight Adventures

Flight into Westfield, MA
Cool shot of Westfield airport in the air after an incredible lunch.

  Flying is my husbands hobby, and thankfully I get to enjoy the benefits of it.  I have to be honest with ya’ll.  I have a fear of flying.  Now I know what you guys must be thinking.  If she is so afraid of flying then how can she possibly write about it.  Well…I’ll tell you how.  It hasn’t been easy, but my husband has been patient and loving with me in talking me through each flight with him recently.  He took on a challenge through his flight club to visit 12 different airport restaurants in New England.  I must say…I’ve enjoyed every flight so far.  It helps that the flights have been short in distance of anywhere from 15-30 minutes.  I can handle those flights just fine so far. The views were spectacular including the weather. Here is a picture I took from one of our flights last week.   We had a great time having lunch at Papps Bar and Grill in Westfield, Mass.  I would love to hear some your flight stories.


Until the next flight…