Finding focus in York, Maine

This past weekend was a wonderful time of not only relaxation, but it was a time to focus.  The past weeks and months have been spent writing a little here and there, but I wasn’t getting very far with it.  I felt extremely frustrated with not being able to write more than a few pages.  Some days I would be lucky to write a few paragraphs.  Between my day job of care giving, being home for my kiddos, taking my youngest to the gym for some basketball time, dropping my oldest one off for social time, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, or shopping, I was putting all of my writing on the back burner where I had kept it for awhile.  All the busyness came to a halt this past weekend, when I told my husband that I was going away for a weekend in order for me to complete some chapters for a novel that I’ve been working on for awhile.  It’s been a work in progress for three or four years with revisions.  Revisions, revisions, revisions.  The word I dread and love at the same time.  I hate it, because it’s never ending, but I love it, because it works out the flaws in my story.  Better to find them myself, than to have a publishing house do so.  I’ve tried writing at home, but I find there are too many distractions sometimes.  Noises can interrupt my creative flow.  I need complete silence in order to write about my characters in a story.  I need silence to just be able to write freely and not go over the same sentence fifteen times, because I had to cook dinner or answer questions that my kids may have had at the moment.  My husband was very supportive of me going away for a weekend, by reassuring me he had everything under control, and had fun things planned for our kids.  I spent a few days searching Groupon to find a place I’d want to go.  There were so many great ones, but at the end of the day…I chose somewhere that wasn’t busy this time of year, had beautiful views, and delicious food.  York, Maine fit the bill just perfectly. I booked my trip, and was elated to know I had a place to go.

Upon my arrival, I had a pleasant conversation with the guy at the front desk.  He commented on the color of my purse and liked that it went well with my wallet.  I chuckled a bit, because I always thought my wallet clashed, but I was happy to know someone enjoyed my style.  We chatted about so much in a short period of time, and before I knew it…we had become friends by the end of the weekend.  Once I got into my cozy room, I unpacked everything and sat at the long inviting desk I had, and started to write.  Yep.  Right then and there is when my writing focus began.  I took a break around 6:30 to go grab a bite to eat.  I stumbled across a restaurant called the ‘York River Landing.’ Everything about this restaurant was wonderful.  The river views alone were worthwhile.  But the delicious pecan pie and grilled chicken salad was by far the best food in York, Maine.  I couldn’t believe when the waiter told me he’d never eaten pecan pie before.  I told him he was missing out.  After dinner I returned back to the hotel and grabbed a cup of tea in the lobby before heading back up to my room.  I was thankful to be on the third floor so I didn’t have to worry about loud noises above me.  I stayed up until 12am writing as much as I could of my novel.  It felt awesome to have no distractions and to write freely.  I couldn’t believe how many words I was able to put on paper in a days time.

Day two started with a drive to ‘Bagel Basket’ for a hot cup of coffee with a hint of cinnamon and a breakfast sandwich on an English muffin.  I must say…I wasn’t impressed with it.  They didn’t taste bad, but rather bland to me.  I was surprised, because I heard so many great things about the place.  I enjoyed the coffee over the food.  Once I had my order ready, I set off to Long Sands beach for the early morning.  The sunrise was beautiful; shining along the sand and rocks on the shore.  I was relaxed, taking in the wonderful crisp air and beauty that surrounded me.  By the afternoon I had typed over 50,000 words of my novel.  I was ecstatic to know I had finally finished my first set of chapters.  I felt a sense of completion.  For months I’d been trying to get it done, but I had too much going on at home and working.  I was so happy to have booked this weekend for myself to finally, finally get focused on what I’m most passionate about, and that is writing.  I took the late afternoon off to drive to Ogunquit, Maine along their waters as well, which was nice.  I grabbed a cup of coffee on the way back to York, and stopped at my new favorite restaurant called ‘York 54.’  Boy was I glad I did.  The Reggae vibe sucked me in immediately, along with the quaint table seating inside.  It was a rather tight place for sitting, but the food alone was well worth the small space inside.  I started with the best roasted brussel sprouts that I’ve ever tasted.  Hands down…they were cooked perfectly with bacon, Parmesan and mozzarella cheese, parsley, salt and pepper in a skillet brought right out to you.  They were truly divine.  I ended the meal with a Marguerite flat bread.  York 54 is my new favorite in York, Maine.  If you’re ever in the area, definitely stop by to check it out.

All in all the weekend was beautiful, focused, and relaxing.  York, Maine is a great place to go for some inspiration.


One thought on “Finding focus in York, Maine

  1. Aw! I love this!!! Great place, but honestly, you missed out on the amazing bagels Bagel Basket has to offer. Next time, get one of those! 🙂

    Your wallet matches your bag perfectly…did I never tell you this??

    So proud of your focus and diligence to get it all done! And…only a bit jealous, too 🙂

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