Beauty in Brookline, New Hampshire

Good afternoon to all my fellow traveler and writer friends of New England.  I’m feeling quite happy this afternoon enjoying a peaceful day out on my day off from care taking of clients.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my job, but it can get physically and mentally tiring at times, but I love each and everyone that I work with.  But today I want to talk about the wonders of taking time for yourself, and the importance of it.  I know I’ve touched on this topic before, but I feel it’s good to bring it up again now that many of us are in winter and busy mode.  With the beautiful sunshine, kids in school, and me having the day was time for some picture taking and tea drinking.  I enjoyed the wonderful drive to Brook line; passing the farms, walking trails, and cute steeple churches and shops along the way to one of the cute red bridges in New Hampshire.  The parking lot beside it wasn’t so safe; stepping ever so slowly towards the bridge to avoid falling on the ice.  My best friend and I walked through the bridge earlier in the year when there was no snow and we didn’t need to wear coats.  The stream behind the bridge looked pretty with the sun shining upon it.  The trees glistened with icicles covering their branches.  I was able to take a few nice pictures, but didn’t stay outside too long, as it was feeling quite bitter outside.  Once I got inside my toasty warm car, I made the trip to my favorite tea stop in New Hampshire.  The “Cozy Tea Cart” is a unique quaint little place, where you would never know about it unless someone told you.  I tell everyone I know that it’s one of New Hampshire’s best kept secrets.  Their variety of loose leaf teas are divine.  The ambiance in the seating area is decorated in beautiful colors of green and brown throughout the place, which includes a beautiful fireplace in front of a cozy couch if you so choose to sit, while enjoying one of their seasonal teas.  Their lemon poppy seed scones are to die for.  I love their entire menu really.  It’s most certainly worth the drive if you’re ever in New Hampshire.  Once I was done purchasing my tea and blueberry granola snack, I headed home for the rest of the afternoon to catch up on some writing, and I’m so glad I did.  Today turned out to be a pretty awesome productive, quiet day.  To all the moms out there…don’t forget to treat yourself once in awhile.  Take the time to take care of you.  Look for my post later this weekend about L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates in Walpole, NH.  I’m definitely excited to blog about this one.


Until next time…


Come to the Cozy Tea for a delicious warm bite to eat, and a tea to drink.;)
Love this bridge in New Hampshire. I love this beautiful state.
Soothing sounds of a running stream.:)

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