Balancing Life without Losing your blog

I’m sure many of you out there can relate to this one.  Life can get hectic with raising children among other things.  There’s homework at the end of the day, along with sports, friends of theirs coming over to play, errands to run, taking the dog out, and if you’re like me, then a part time job can also add to your already busy list of things to do.  Today I want to talk about keeping up with a blog while juggling some…if not all of these things.  This is especially a challenge for newbie bloggers.  Starting a blog is a lot of work for sure.  I never thought I would get through all the steps it takes in getting one started.  But with the help of a wonderful Facebook group started by a wonderful couple.  I was able to not only get my website up and running, but I also found a lot of support from other newbie bloggers like myself.  Of course there were bloggers that have been blogging for awhile.   I’m forever thankful, because without the encouragement I’ve experienced, I probably would have given up.  I can’t stress enough the importance of leaning on your online support when starting out.  There were moments of frustration in getting everything sorted out for my website.  Some steps are easier than others, which is why it’s imperative to ask for help from your online support group.  Majority of the time there’ll be someone who knows more about the obstacles you are facing throughout the process.  Be patient through this time of learning.   Blogging at night when both of my kids have gone to bed has been wonderful and it’s working for now.  It’s quiet with no distractions.  I also find I’m able to focus much better.   I try to make sure my phone is turned down as well as to not be tempted to see what everyone is up to or begin chatting with friends.  Each day write something, even if it’s only a paragraph.  Just make sure to keep writing a little each day.   Whenever you have a bit of free time during the day, then use it to your benefit and get that post done.  You’ll be happy you did.   Let’s recap what to do to keep blogging shall we? 😉  First..Lean on your online support.  Encouragement and Help goes along way in your writing endeavors.  Second..Write at night once your kids have gone to sleep or any free time during the day.  Third… Be patient with the process.  I repeat…Patience.  Last but not least…Don’t give up and keep writing.  Believe that you can blog, because you really can.

Having a cup of coffee on hand when writing doesn’t hurt either. Just saying.;)

Until next time…

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