Art Hub of New London, Connecticut

This past weekend in New London, Connecticut my family and I discovered a treasure.  The town that used to be about hard working factories and well…just plain run down has now become quite the art scene.  I was thrilled to see sculptures along its beautiful waterfronts.  Stores have even come alive with their own art decor.  It was nice to see replicas of small ships sitting in the window sills for display as you passed by.  It felt like I was in Province town for a moment with a street filled with art galleries.  The murals upon some of down towns walls were simply amazing with vibrant colors, jazzy scenes, and famous singers on another.  The waterfront was just beautiful with plenty of places to walk, benches to sit and watch the boats going out or coming in.  There seemed to be something for everyone.  Ice cream shops were spotted by our oldest child, but sadly it was closed for the season.  I suppose we’ll have to return in the summer.  Good thing my in laws live close by.  People can enjoy the sounds of music in the Spring or Summer time coming from a few of the bar and restaurants across the street.  New London definitely has a fun flare to this once slow paced town.  It’s definitely worth checking out if your ever in Connecticut. Let me know what you think if you ever visit down there.  I’d love to hear your experiences.

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Beautiful waterfront of New London, CT
Who doesn’t love Bob Marley and Prince? I mean..come on now.;)
Great day spent with my favorite three
Wonderful and vibrant downtown New London

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