I graduated from an amazing writer’s program called “Longridge Writer’s Group”  out of Longridge, Connecticut four years ago, and have since then been published in ‘Parenting NH.’  I’ve also been published online with the ‘Newport News’ in Rhode Island for my first travel writing piece called “People’s Cafe”.  I’ve also been fortunate to have won third place for my first ever written piece for the up and coming artist known as Fausto Podavini for his Report Photography sessions known as “Mirella”.  An intimate look into Alzheimers.  I enjoy blogging about tea on my Tea-Travels website (Husky and Tea) where I share about different tea houses I’ve visited along with varieties of loose leaf teas that were simply divine.  Anyway…I’m excited to get to know many of you travelers and writers out there.  Have a great night.

Until next time…

Christina B.